Chattanooga Move In Now

Chattanooga Move In Now

Starting down the home shopping road can be daunting. Finding a house that’s “the one” often feels out of reach. There are so many questions to answer and details to iron out. 

If your path to new home ownership has you shopping in Tennessee, consider partnering with GreenTech Homes. With several communities throughout Chattanooga and a wide variety of floor plans to choose from, finding your forever home is a reality! 

Buying From An Experienced Community Home Builder

GreenTech’s focus is on quality homes that feel completely personal. We build homes with features so inspiring your Pinterest boards will be jealous! From innovative smart features to durable building materials and energy-efficiency in mind, you’re getting exactly what you want at a more affordable price. 

GreenTech has worked hard over the years to refine our well-thought out designs. We’ve considered every detail to make the best use of space, style, and efficiency. With multiple floor plans and personalizable options, your house is sure to fit your needs and lifestyle. Find out more about us here.

Where We Build

When you’re home shopping, the neighborhood is just as important as the house itself. We believe in creating communities that blend into the local environment. You’ll notice biking and walking trails, natural landscaping, breathtaking views, and easy access to nearby amenities. Not to mention community features like pools, lamplit walkways and gardens.  

GreenTech is proud to have over 1,000 home sites in award winning communities. You can find our homes in Red Bank, East Brainerd, North Shore, Soddy Daisy, Hixson, and Harrison.

What To Expect From The Build Process

Communication is at the forefront when you partner with GreenTech Homes. After all, it’s your home and your budget. You should be involved in all the big decisions. 

The best way to experience our build process is to start with a conversation. Our first chat can answer your questions about:

  • The homebuilding process from start-to-finish
  • Information about our extensive floor plans
  • Personalization and upgrade options
  • Details about our award-winning communities

Homebuyers love the streamlined experience they get with GreenTech. Here’s a satisfied homeowner sharing their take on the build process:

“My wife and I enjoyed our home building experience with GreenTech Homes. GreenTech’s people and technology made it easy to follow our build process. Current photographs from the job site kept us informed and having direct access to our project manager made asking questions and receiving answers a breeze.”

  • Robert and Kelly

Contact us today to discuss your next home—we can take you on a tour of available options or start your personal home building plan!

Find Your Move-In Ready Home

The quickest and easiest way to get into the home of your dreams is with GreenTech’s quick move-in homes.

Stonegate in Soddy Daisy, Millstone Cottages in Red Bank and Providence Landing in Harrison have houses available right now! With multiple options ready for you, the home buying experience can be fast and seamless. 

We also have homeowner opportunities in our upcoming communities; Heritage Walk in East Brainerd is currently pre-selling. This community features resort-style living with a crystalline pool, clubhouse, shared outdoor fireplace and access to Chattanooga’s cherished Heritage Park. You could personalize the final design details and move in as early as this fall!

If you’re looking for the low-maintenance and convenient world of townhome living, Burnside in downtown is close-in to plenty of restaurants and shopping. Yet you still feel removed from the hustle and bustle in this unique location. It’s surrounded by greenery and natural beauty, and a 47-acre park is just minutes away!

You handle the packing, we’ll handle your dream home! Call today and find the perfect space for your family.



What’s the Average Cost of a New Home in Chattanooga?

What’s the Average Cost of a New Home in Chattanooga?

Buying a home is always an exciting prospect! There’s nothing like the anticipation of getting settled and making memories in your new space. But before you get to the fun stage of settling in, there are countless details to hash out. 

Finding the perfect home can be stressful and building the perfect home comes with challenges. Working with a knowledgeable home builder makes the entire process hassle-free. If you’re in the market for a new home in Chattanooga, here are key details for calculating your costs.

Know Your Market

If you’re not from Chattanooga, you should know the area is becoming increasingly popular for home buyers. It’s a growing city, and including the suburbs, there are half a million residents. That’s a lot of people buying and selling!

Even with the aftereffects of COVID-19, the economy is climbing. A continued boom makes it harder to buy land and houses. Some properties are on the market just a few hours before being snatched up! This summer, pending sales were up over 40% from the same month last year.

Choosing Your Land

Land is limited, and building on raw land includes a lot of red tape. By partnering with an experienced community home builder you have countless properties available, right at your fingertips!

GreenTech has many communities and over 1000 home sites throughout Tennessee. We take care of the pesky details like clearing the land, acquiring materials, permitting the build and the construction. Some people are willing to handle these factors and expenses themselves, but it’s a learning process. Surprise costs can add up quickly.

Costs to Consider

The major costs of building a home can be put into 5 categories:

  1. Land
  2. Permitting
  3. Design Options
  4. Construction
  5. Inspections

The bulk of your budget goes towards labor, at about 40% of the overall cost. The remainder goes towards everything else. 

In Chattanooga, according to Home Advisor, building a new home costs around $166,000 to $482,000. The wide range comes from factors like square footage, design choices, multi-level vs. single-level, technology and amenity upgrades, and quality of the build.

Why Buy A Brand New Home?

These prices are competitive when you consider the whole real estate market. Median home prices in the South are rising. The average home sells in the mid-$200s. 

You could just buy an older, pre-existing home…but it would still fall into this price range. And for a completely new build from GreenTech, you get more for your money at a comparable price!

Save money when you partner with a new home builder. GreenTech has spent over a decade crafting layouts that are efficient to construct. Relationships with building suppliers are in place, making the cost of materials more affordable. The paperwork, regulations, and overhead of breaking ground on raw land have already been addressed. 

Benefits of Working With A Community Home Builder

Production homes earned a bad reputation in the past. Negative feelings of cookie-cutter developments and poor quality results gave the home building industry a bad name. 

GreenTech is changing that perception. We forge communities and craft homes that embody our values:

  • Stunning designs
  • Green building practices
  • Energy efficient construction
  • Quality materials
  • Smart-living technology
  • Lasting craftsmanship
  • Communities that are designed to enhance the natural surroundings

All of these benefits lead to enduring results. Not to mention, with a new build you’re starting fresh. That means cost savings over time. Older homes have outdated plumbing, inefficient HVAC systems, and appliances that are on their way out. New homes are ready to last for years to come! They’re the best way to stretch your budget. 

GreenTech Homes has years of experience, exceptional home designs and move-in ready homes. Find your dream home today!


Community Feature: Heritage Walk

Community Feature: Heritage Walk

Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions you can make. And not all new homes and new communities are created equal. You should feel confident your big investment is truly commitment-worthy. 

GreenTech Homes is a community builder that breaks the mold. Our award-winning homes incorporate quality, craftsmanship and energy-efficiency at every phase of construction. Our newest location, Heritage Walk, breaks every stereotype you’ve ever heard about cookie-cutter houses and tightly packed developments!

If you’re house-hunting in Chattanooga, let us inspire you with Heritage Walk in East Brainerd. The results are sure to take your breath away.

Neighborhood Features

Your local community is like an extension of your family. The streets you drive, the paths you walk on and the amenities available will receive hours of your attention. You deserve nothing less than an exquisite and sprawling neighborhood with plenty of attention to detail.

The beauty of Heritage Walk is overpowering! The area is surrounded with attractive natural landscapes. Local foliage is abundant, and the site features a sparkling pond and meandering waterway. Countless walking paths and bike trails wind through the community. Just steps outside the neighborhood is the cherished 22-acre Heritage Park; perfectly situated to take the kids and pets on a nearby adventure.

Heritage Walk itself boasts lantern-lit sidewalks, pavilions and a stunning 19th Century Clubhouse Mansion. This gives the newly built community a bit of old-world charm. 

Bronze your skin on a hot day in the striking crystalline pool. Cozy up on a chilly evening at the communal outdoor fireplace. With so many natural features and aesthetic additions, you’ll be content spending years in this remarkable community!

Available Floorplans

When you step into a GreenTech community, you will instantly notice the unique characteristics of each house. Mass produced homes that lack individuality aren’t a part of our vision. Your home is an extension of your personality, which is why we offer over 20 dynamic floor plans to choose from. 

Driving our community streets, you’ll notice a range of exterior luxury design elements. Brick, stone and wood make for high-end, eye catching accents. The face of each home features shapely dimensions (no boxy houses here!). We take pride in delivering architecture that competes with completely built custom homes.

Enter the handsome foyer to glimpse vaulted ceilings, abundant windows and expansive rooms. Open floor plans make each home an entertainer’s dream. 

We go to great lengths to find the right materials for each surface. We don’t sacrifice style for function—you’ll enjoy the high-quality tiles, flooring, counters, cabinets and light fixtures that adorn every corner of these homes.

GreenTech Homes can end your painstaking process of house hunting in the Chattanooga area. Finding that perfect, visionary home is a reality with us! Let’s discuss your moving timeline and find an affordable home in our new Heritage Walk community. Or, if you need to move immediately, explore our quick move-in homes.

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