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Driven by the Spirit of Community

For the past three decades, Chattanooga has experienced a modern renaissance.

Long regarded as little more than a tourist town — and once singled out as the most polluted city in America — Chattanooga has become the envy of countless cities across the globe.

By blending a sense of history with a focus on innovation — and harnessing its potential as a hub for both tech and recreation — Chattanooga has transformed itself into a forward-thinking community where more and more people want to live, work, and play.
Since our humble beginnings in 2008, GreenTech Homes has been driven by the same spirit that’s propelled Chattanooga’s modern resurgence.

And just like the Scenic City, fresh ideas inspire the communities we build.

For us at GreenTech Homes, “green” means incorporating stronger materials and quality, energy-efficient products at every stage of construction. We’re constantly researching advances in technology that can improve the look, feel, and durability of each home we build, as well as enhance the quality of life for each homeowner.

But while we take pride in creating inspired designs and greener builds, we are less focused on the sticks and bricks and more on the hearts inside our homes.

As Chattanooga has come of age as a community, GreenTech Homes has also found its true calling as we’ve embraced the opportunity to become true community builders. 

For us, community building is more than just a choice. It’s a passion that drives us to be a responsible steward of each new development we build in a region we care deeply about. 

All too often, home building means subpar quality, suburban sprawl, and war with the environment.

We believe we can do better.

At GreenTech Homes, we’re passionate about redefining our industry. 

We don’t simply build homes. We craft communities to fit a wide range of families, lifestyles, and cultures. 

Our big front porches, resort-style pools, dog parks, community fire pits, and shared green spaces spark a sense of togetherness among friends who’ll become family. And our walking trails and the trees we plant throughout our communities mark our commitment to caring for the land we build on.

But no feature is more important than our homeowners, who share our ideals, and who’ve come from all walks near and far to join in our vision.

Community is the greatest thing we can hope to find. But it’s even greater when it finds us.

It found us. We hope it finds you, too. 

Watch the video below to get a closer look at the heart of GreenTech homes.


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