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Enjoying the 2020 Football Season from Home

Enjoying the 2020 Football Season from Home 

There’s so much to enjoy about fall, and football definitely makes the top of the list! Sporting events may be at limited capacity this year, but you can still create that same excitement and atmosphere for the big game in the comfort of your GreenTech home! Here are a few tips to make your at-home spectator experience a smash.

Upcoming Games

We’ve got some amazing teams to keep up with here in Tennessee! Whether you’re an NFL fan or you support our local colleges and universities, there’s no shortage of games to catch this fall. The first step in planning your football festivities is to know what games are on the docket.

Make sure you don’t miss any upcoming events — here are the schedules you’ll want to check for our state’s football season:

Backyard Tailgate

With all the COVID restrictions, one common theme for get-togethers is that outdoor events are safest. So get your GreenTech backyard ready with the grill, beer and snacks! Bring all of that pre-game energy and excitement to your own backyard with a tailgate gathering.

Fulfill your tasty pregame cravings with a classic menu of finger foods and top tailgating bites. You could even throw in some rival team-themed snacks. Enjoy recipes that represent every team in the NFL.

After the pregame interviews and eating wraps up, make sure your yard is set up to watch the game. An outdoor viewing experience is easier and more affordable than you might expect! Invest in a basic outdoor projector, screen and soundbar to make your backyard gathering feel like the real-deal.

Watching the Game 

Watching football at home means finding ways to make your living room environment similar to a real stadium experience. Surround sound is the first step in creating the right mood. Use your surround sound to feel like you’re at the actual even by pumping in some artificial crowd noise. With extra cheering and chanting, you’ll feel all the game-day energy and forget you’re even at home!

You could even use a Titans playlist to pump up the energy throughout the game. Grab some balloons, banners and other NFL-brand decor for the finishing touches to make your home feel just like Nissan Stadium.  

Virtual Rivalry 

Sporting events are all about friendly rivalries. Where else can you get away with a little trash talk while backing up your favorite team? Do you have friends or family who are fans of an opposing team? It’s always more enjoyable to watch with a group, so get on a Facetime or Zoom call during the game. Experiencing the play-by-plays together and exchange some smack talk to keep the game exciting. And don’t forget to deck out your space and wear your team gear!  

Watching football season at home is more enjoyable in a space you love. If you’re looking to upgrade life in Chattanooga, TN, contact our team today!

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